LIVE! 13-Feb-2018 Delphi Web Frameworks

Join Craig, David, and Jim as they discuss Delphi Web Frameworks LIVE!
13-Feb-2018 at 12 AM CST [other timezones]

Planning to discuss some of the following . . .


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5 Responses to LIVE! 13-Feb-2018 Delphi Web Frameworks

  1. Arnaud Bouchez says:

    I wonder why mORMot is not part of the list, since it may be one of the most feature rich web framework (both SOA + MVC web), and used on production since years.

  2. Andre Felix says:

    I also hope there is some talk about mORMot and RealThinClient (RTC) as those are also some very good alternatives which are available for Delphi for MANY years.

  3. Jim McKeeth says:

    Great suggestion! It is certainly an incomplete list. I’ll add it.

  4. Morewood says:

    Arnaud, I see they talked about your framework, but I think they don’t too much about it, maybe you could explain in detail in a next podcast.

  5. Glenn Dufke says:

    Just a correction to the list, Smart Mobile Studio is owned and developed by The Smart Company AS, not Optimale Systemer AS 🙂

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