Delphi and the Blockchain: More than just Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Here is the replay of my webinar on Delphi and the Blockchain. We start with some basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but we look specifically at some simple examples of what the blockchain is and how to use it.


  • Cryptography Basics
  • Cryptocurrency Overview
  • BitCoin, Ethereum, & PascalCoin
  • Digital Contracts
  • Bitcoin price tracking
  • Mining – Proof of Work
  • Blockchain Overview
  • Blockchain Chat
  • Other Blockchain Usages

More information:

  • Blockchain is an emerging technology – there is still a lot to learn and discover
  • Everyone is focused on the Bitcoin gold rush, but Blockchain may have the bigger/longer impact
  • Read the original whitepaper
  • More information
  • Stay tuned to for code and more

[Delphi Blockchain Examples]


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I have been waiting for this one. Thank you! I’d like some sample code too please!

Yes in the video it was said code would be posted but nothing showing yet? Do they read these comments?

Thanks but I was rather hoping that it was connecting to a real blockchain as there was a lot of mention of Ethereum!

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