MVP Spotlight: Eli of

Eli of FMXExpress.comI’m sure you’ve all visited, if you haven’t then I’ll just let you go there now. Eli is joining us for the C++ Boot Camp this week and is presenting on Thursday with coverage of game development with FireMonkey. He is showing off 4 different FireMonkey games that run on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. The cool thing is some of the games have features where you can view the game on device while you control it on the other.

Eli currently manages a team of about 25 independent content creators, schedulers, and developers through UpWork. The content team handles over 30 Facebook pages reaching an audience of tens of millions of users. He has been hiring through UpWork since 2012 and has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars on hundreds of contracts across many different projects. Through his writing on Eli has reached over 300,000 dFMXExpressevelopers interested in Delphi FireMonkey with over 600 tips and tricks articles. Additionally, over the years, he has deployed over 300 games to the web, Android, iOS, and Windows and aggregated 80,000+ flash games which have reached over 120+ million players worldwide with 215+ million gameplays. He is a full stack developer and entrepreneur who has also developed and deployed various trialware, freeware, open source, and server softwares with Delphi and many other technologies that have reached millions of users on the desktop.

When not being a business and development rockstar, Eli likes to travel.

You can find Eli all over the web and social media, but here are a few very cool sites to check out . . . .

Trolledge: Multi Platform Open Source Code Editor