Cool App Contender: Floccipender the Word Descrambler

FloccipenderI used to be big into some word games on my smart phone. I couldn’t help but think “I could write a program to solve this,” and it turned out some people did. Most of the solvers I saw were pretty slow or limited. Enter Floccipender – the super fast, super powerful word descrambler.

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The name comes from Floccinaucinihilipilification and floccipend which mean “to estimating or categorizing something as worthless, or regard as insignificant.” Floccipender is anything but insignificant.

In the overview video Anthony West of ASW Software goes so far as to show the custom algorithm that descrambles the longest word in the english language (pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis at 45 letters) immediately. The application is developed with FireMonkey and C++Builder for Android.

As Anthony West describes Floccipender:

It is a really fast word descrambler and single word anagram finder. It is extremely fast at descrambling words! 12+ scrambled characters are solved in less than a second on a modern phone.

The main point of this app is how fast it works. It uses my own unique algorithm that determines likeness of words, regardless of their scrambled order. Beyond that, it is a fun app that comes in handy for solving word problems, or for cheating at scrabble.

There is a second video that shows the app running on an actual Android device, and it is just as fast.

I love cool algorithms and am interested in digging into it in more detail to understand how it works. I’ve got my suspicions, but not positive.

Built with Embarcadero C++BuilderPowered by Embarcadero FireMonkey


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