More on Android Services with Delphi 10 Seattle

New Android Service WizardToday we had our RAD Studio 10 Seattle Deep Dive and I expanded on my Minimalistic Android Studio video with some more details. If you didn’t get registered to join us live, be sure and register now to get access to the replay. In the meantime, here are some more details and a new sample for you.

These slides cover both Android Services and iOS Background Execution Mode. You can read about the different iOS Background Modes in Apple’s documentation.

Luis Navaro published a new sample that shows how to download a image in the background with an Android service. It uses a local service, and launches it with an Android Intent.

Here is another sample that shows how to use the bind mechanism to launch an remote Android service and communicates to it via the Java Message (JMessage) object. There are a couple manual steps that you need to consult the included readme about. Otherwise it won’t work as expected. There are three projects in the project group. One is the actual Android Service, then the other two are apps that connect to the project. One of them is the host app that will contain the service within its APK.

Remember, you need to add the service to the host application after building the service. Then you can deploy it within the host app APK.

The DocWiki has an Overview of Android Services and a Guide to Creating Android Services.

Stay tuned for more details about Android Services with Delphi 10 Seattle.

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7 Responses to More on Android Services with Delphi 10 Seattle

  1. acarlomagno says:

    Very interesting

    About iBeacon, what is iOS background mode correct ?


  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    iBeacons use the Location subsystem on iOS.

  3. acarlomagno says:

    thanks.. but after more tests .. not works.

    I have create a simple application that listen ibeacon in background mode.
    When found a ibeacon the app should send a local push or remote push …

    I launch app, I close and send it in background…. seem that the app is freezed …

    them, If I re-activated the app, the message starts.

    where I mistake ?

  4. Aone says:

    Awesome Info!

    You download file demo seems to send notifications alright but I can’t send notifications from service in my app.

    The Notifications service sample app is also not working for me.

    Is there something the I am missing here?

  5. Edmilson says:

    How to work to talk with a service developed with java? someone know?

  6. Otacílio says:


    Why the remote android service doesn’t work when I close the app?

    Code app:

    Intent := TJIntent.Create;
    Intent.setClassName(TAndroidHelper.Context.getPackageName(), TAndroidHelper.StringToJString(‘’));

  7. Edwin Bruce Valdivia Cano says:

    How to send asynchronously from the service to the host application. Thanks

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