MongoDB FireDAC C++ Sample

I created a simple sample that shows some basic FireDAC functionality with MongoDB in C++ (Works with C++Builder or RAD Studio 10 Seattle)

MongoDB FireDAC C++

This is similar to a one of the Object Pascal / Delphi MongoDB sample. It shows how you can query a MongoDB database using the new TFDMongoQuery component and display it in a grid. It also shows how to handle nested document objects (like Address) and arrays / DataSets (Address.Coords and Grades).

In addition to using the match property of the query, it also allows the specification of a sort and a projection. The projection is used to change which fields of the document you retrieve.

For more information on MongoDB, check out my MongoDB Skill Sprint and register for CodeRage X (Oct 13 – 15)



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The dashed SQL logo is missleading. NoSQL means mostly today “Not Only SQL”, not “No SQL”. You can still run some SQL queries on NoSQL databases – e.g. our Open Source mORMot framework is able to translate most SQL SELECT queries into MongoDB (BSON) queries on the fly – see
About NoSQL, it is worth reading the Martin Fowler introduction about NoSQL databases.
And the corresponding video. See

I agree. Most people get hung up on the wrong part of NoSQL. I was just trying visual representation to get people’s attention. Those are some good resources. Thanks for sharing!

How would I connect to Mongo from within FMX android – I see FireDAC MongoDB connection is not supporting android ?

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