Delphi XE5 Android “Uses Permissions”

The permissions required by a Delphi XE5 Android application are defined through the Uses Permissions dialog. It is found under Project -> Options… [Shift+Ctrl+F11].


RAD Studio XE5 Android "Uses Permissions" Dialog

If you select other Targets besides Android then the list is blank, for now. By default the following common permissions are selected. If you do not select a permission then any calls you make that require that permission will fail. The “Internet” permission is required for any network access, even your local network.

If you scroll down the list you will see an Advanced node which contains permissions that are less commonly used permissions. For many apps you will never need to change these permissions, but your users may notice the “services that can cost money” warning next to Call phone and Internet permission request, so you may want to remove those.

The requested permissions are automatically added to the AndroidManifest.xml file, which is read by the Android operating system and Google Play store to know which permissions your app requested.

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Do you know how to turn on ability to move application to the “sd card”? I see this button is disabled for XE5 apps, but enabled for most of apps at my Android 4.1.2 device.
Tried to find this in options you wrote about, in manifest, but can’t find it. Is it ever possible?

I have an App using INTERNET in the dialog. However XE5 doesn’t include that in the manifest xml file. Of course I can add this manually, but everytime I change something it gets reseted.

Any idea? is this a bug?


I seem to be having an issue with deploying Android apps. When i deploy to the phone when the build config is debug the app installs and runs fine.

As soon as i change the build config to application store the app stops working and all i get is a black screen.

Has anyone seen this before.


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