New Embarcadero MVPs

I’m excited to announce the following new MVPs have joined the Embarcadero MVP program:

I’m talking with a number of other individuals who will also be joining the MVP program shortly. These are in addition to all the fabulous MVPs already listed in the MVP directory. We are in the middle of a major overhaul of the MVP directory, after which all the above members should be reflected there.

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Pretty freaking well 🙂 I moved to PA a few years back (after RO) and I work for a great company that writes software for homeland security and law enforcement. Life is great. Daniel, you have a last name or something I can remember you by?

@alessandro you know me but not for that name, I’m just covering to push to the stupid mh attitude on forget delphi users and don’t support delphi for mobile. When do mh becomes so dot net and delphi hater? Im sure you know the answer better than me dude!

I cannot speak for Marc and, regardless, I haven’t followed RO’s stuff in a very long time. I did read a blog post of his that mentions he prefers a different approach to iPhone and Android development. Personally I think Embarcadero hit the nail on the head perfectly, with XE5. It’s a simple approach to cross-phone/tablet development and it is exactly what I (and many others I think) were hoping to get, at one point or another. There are other approaches to go native on those platforms but I think this is the simplest and most cost effective.

Interesting. I thought at least two of those MVP’s had stopped doing Delphi.

John, I did stop using Delphi, but I needed a good and cost-effective solution for tablets and phones and XE5 seems to be exactly that. I haven’t been this excited in a long time since it opened up a whole set of targets that would have been very expensive to learn and get accustomed to.

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