GExperts for XE5 Experimental Build

My good friend and Delphi MVP Jeroen Pluimers has just posted an experimental build of GExperts for XE5. He is working with Erik Berry to get an official build up on the GExperts site.

GExperts is a collection of open source productivity enhancements for Delphi.

[Download Experimental Build]

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8 Responses to GExperts for XE5 Experimental Build

  1. RichardS says:

    In my Windows 7 32 bit VM I had to delete these lines in the batch file:

    IF /I %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% == amd64 goto :x64
    IF /I %PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432% == amd64 goto :x64

    After that it installed fine – which is great news.

  2. Bruce Christensen says:

    Can’t find the link for the XE5 GExperts download?

  3. Bruce says:

    Says I need rtl180 on my system (XE5 on Wind8).

  4. Jim McKeeth says:

    That build is by Jeroen. Send him a message.

  5. Gino says:

    Good job, work fine (W8 64 DX5) 😀

  6. Andreas says:

    For those who have problem that they need rtl180.bpl or rtl170.bpl ,uninstall previous version of Gexperts. However, I am not sure if you only need to uninstall a version that does not correspond to an IDE version. (eg you have uninstalled Delphi XE4 but not GExperts XE4).

    It also worked fine for me (W8 64 DXE5)

  7. Roman Krejci says:

    I upgraded to XE 5 directly from D7 and was somewhat baffled by
    the installation instructions that mentioned ExpertManager.exe. HUH?
    No such EXE at all – neither in the bitbucked archive mentioned above,
    nor on my disk. Well ….. the instructions take for granted that you have
    bot XE 4 and GExperts for XE 4 already installed which may not be true in all cases. I solved it by 1) installing Gexperts for XE 4 2) Followed instructions in the bitbucket archive 3) deleted/renamed the GExpertsDebugWindow.exe from XE 4 GExperts because this causes error “rtlXXXXX.bpl not found” which
    forced me to hard reset my PC. It all works fine from then on.

What are your thoughts?