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Android Screen View UI

People have asked for a copy of the utility I wrote to view the attached Android device on the screen. It uses the built in screencap functionality of Android and the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to grab and display a series of screenshots. It requires the Android SDK installed and does not require a rooted device.

The speed of update has to do with the screen resolution and image complexity. Simple screens (text and controls) update about twice a second. More complex screens (pictures, graphics, etc.) are slower than that.

For best results, turn on “Show Touches” under debug options.

It also supports saving a PNG to file.

Get the source:

Download the build:

There are a few pending features that I just haven’t gotten to. If you’d like to contribute let me know. Thanks to Stephen Ball for all his contributions already!

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7 Responses to Android Screen View

  1. jpluimers says:

    I’ve been using the Open Source Droid@Screen for a long time, and it is unbeaten: allows restarting ADB, no batch file, automatic device detection, skipping emulators, zooming, etc.

  2. Michael says:

    HI there!
    IS there a way to write this app for a Delphi XE5 Mobile app ? I need to display at least four phones screens at once ?

  3. Jim McKeeth says:

    An app running on Android cannot take a screenshot without Root access.

    You could connect 4 Android devices and modify this app to take screen shots from all 4 at once by specifying the specific devices via the call to ADB.

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  7. pedro says:

    is it possible Display Android Screen from a pc by using tcp or udp ethernet by indy ?

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