Delphi 2010 has 30 Day Trial

RAD Studio / Delphi 2010 is available today, and it comes with a 30 day trial.  This is a huge step forward from the 14 day trial with the previous versions of Delphi.  Be sure to download your copy today!

3 replies on “Delphi 2010 has 30 Day Trial”

what encourages more than anything else is the new style of management that is intelligent, measured and considerate. Lets hope the knee jerk reactions of yesteryear give way to a progressive and patient approach to producing a even better product.

Are programs built with the trial version able to run beyond the trial expiration on any computer?
I ask because we’re thinking of having another delphi/c++ programming contest, but we can’t ask people to invest 30 days writing something and then not be able to use it after that.

@David: I agree. There certainly does seem to be better leadership and we have certainly seen the results of that.

@Mouser: I believe the past trials have not had that limitation. Just have them submit their code too because it will always compile, even after the trial. Let me know when you do your contest though. I would love to now about it.

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