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32 – Upgrading WordPress

And now for something completely different.  Today we have a video podcast of upgrading WordPress.  This is an experiment in formatting video podcasts to play on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can watch the video online, or download it to watch later.  I included the MP3 as well, but this is much better as a video podcast.

Let me know if you like these portable formatted video podcasts.

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I tried this on Android which plays m4v, too. However, once I click the “Download” link I see the binary data in-place instead of getting a download. The inline player doesn’t work at all.

Downloading the file on my desktop and then transfering to the phone worked fine.


You might consider adding a second RSS Feed for the Screencasts themselves. Now I had a screencast audio in the Podcast feed, but didn’t get the Video. You have a few options though :

– Have one Podcast Feed with both the audio and the video episodes.
– Use a separate feed for the Audio and the Video episodes (I would suggest this route).



Oh, and while I’m at it, why would you make a Video Podcast Feed ? (Or include the video in the regular podcast feedd).

– Allows us to sync the video to our iPods / iPhones / AppleTV’s / Laptops / …
– I would automatically get the next Screencast without having to go to the site to check if one exists
– …

Oh, and if you need help with anything, drop me a note on twitter.



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