The Further Adventures of Turboman

It would appear Dr. Deadline has returned in an attempt to foil the plans of Delphi Man!  Thanks to the amazing Dave Keighan for sending me an original Dr. Deadline PDF.  Maybe print out and give one of these to your manager. . . .

Thanks to B. Peuthert who pointed out that we can learn more about the original adventures of Turboman in the CodeGear Museum!  Now if we can just get him to snap some pictures of him with his inflatables!  I’d love to post them here!

My son is really getting into this superhero stuff.  He suggested Courageous CodeGear as the group all the superheroes belong to.

Anyone else have any developer super hero swag?  Send me a picture or a link and I will post it here.  Or maybe you have a new superhero / supervillian name or original artwork?  Just leave me a comment!

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4 Responses to The Further Adventures of Turboman

  1. That Turboman video is actually the edited version. Originally it included Dr Deadline and a few extra lines, but I was forced to edit it because a Borland exec felt I was being critical of my then employer with the bit about former allies turning to the dark side. Maybe I should upload the “Director’s Cut” somewhere 😛

  2. Olaf Monien says:

    Yeah! Give us the Directors Cut 🙂

  3. Jim McKeeth says:

    The Directors cut would be great, and probably more politically correct given the new situation . . . .

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