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As a new podcast creator audio quality is a big deal to me.  In this last podcast I tried a few things differently to get better audio quality.  In my opinion it is a lot better, but the voice levels are uneven now – with me a lot quieter now.  The odd thing is my headphones I use when editing actually made it sound like they were equal.  Now when I am listening to it at my headphones at work it is obvious that they are unequal.  I wouldn’t have expected the two pairs of headphones to be that different.

I am curious how it sounds to everyone else?  Is it better?  Are the voices equal volume for you?  Do you care?

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You’re audio level is noticeably lower than Craig’s, but still understandable. I can live with it.

D’oh! Grammar goof-up. Didn’t read carefully enough before submitting.

The audio levels are somewhat unbalanced but overall the quality is fine for me. Generally I always vote for content over audio quality. Thanks for giving Delphi a voice 🙂

I found that, on a few occasions, you were very hard to hear. Most of the time, I could hear and understand you fine, although your volume level was much lower than Craig.

Perhaps you had some kind of volume normalizer activated when you used the editing headphones?

(Of course, this just adds more reason for a transcript :P)

I found your voice to be significally lower than Craig’s.. It’s not really a biggy, but I do like to have all the voices at the same level.. This because I listen to the podcast on my way to work every tuesday morning.. And listening to it in the car, needs a bit more concentration than if I was just listening to it.. Sounds from other cars and all that..
It was understandable though, so its ok..
Anyway.. Its still great that you make the podcasts on Delphi.

/Jens Fudge

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