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19 – Delphi Prism Q&A

Olaf Monien, marc hoffman and I answer your questions on Delphi Prism.

I was going to make this a shorter episode, but with marc showing up late we ended up running a little long.

  • DPack for Delphi key bindings in Visual Studio (great for Delphi Prism)
  • SqlMetal command-line tool generates code and mapping for the LINQ to SQL component of theĀ .NET Framework.
  • Visual Studio Express for C# – If you need to edit and compile some C# and don’t want to use the free command-line compiler.

Also, if you were one of the first people to download after I uploaded then you may have the wrong version. Something got skewed during the upload. Special thanks to my wife for recording the intro and outro for me on this episode!