Integrating OBS Studio with X-Keys XK-24 USB Keypad

Short demo and introduction

I was a guest on X-Keys 5 Minute Friday showing off an integration between OBS Studio with the X-Keys XK-24 USB Keypad. I created a script that assigns F13 through F24 with and without the CTRL modifiers to the XK-24. You can simply assign these in the OBS hotkey settings and it will respond to those globally.

Here is the MW3(VB) script you can load into MacroWorks obs-xk-24.mw3

For some reason the F24 and CTRL+F24 didn’t work. I’m not sure if that is an OBS issue or where the cause originates. This would allow you to use your XK-24 with any software that that allows you to assign F13-F24 and recognizes global hotkeys.