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Meet the Tokyo Engineers & MVP

I got to sit down with some of the engineers in Tokyo to talk about C++Builder, RAD Studio and Delphi. C++Builder is big in Japan. Maybe even bigger than Delphi (which is saying a lot.) It was great to put faces with the names of these great guys who I’ve only corresponded with over email or social media before.

Aiso-san, Mohri-san & Inoue-san are all software consultant engineers. Aiso-san and Inoue-san where part of the presentation #0315inTokyo with Fujii-san and I. The 4th engineer in the back of the photo below is Kenji Umeda, a support engineer that isn’t on Twitter for me to link to.

Kazutaka Aiso Haruyuki Mohri Kazuhiro INOUE
Kazutaka Aiso Haruyuki Mohri Kazuhiro Inoue
Tokyo Engineers

And here is a picture of Fujii-san and myself . . . . in the back you can see HOSOKAWA Jun, our MVP in Japan.


Here is a couple better pictures . . .


Including one from when we went to dinner . . . with Fujii-san and Aiso-san.


Here are a few more pictures of our fantastic dinner too, if you are into that sort of thing . . .

Dinner in Tokyo Dinner in Tokyo  Dinner in Tokyo
Dinner in Tokyo Dinner in Tokyo