Delphi’s DNA Infographic

Remember my blog post about Delphi’s DNA? We’ve been working on making it into an Infographic, and now people are asking about creating a poster of it too! What do you think? Do you want a DNA poster for your wall? What suggestions or changeDelphi's highly evolved DNA makes it the best development tool for any platform and any project.s would you make?


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I like the Idea, but there are enough “fake news”. Speed? it is only true for Win32. All others are more or less in the same speed as other tools.

Friedrich: The speed in the original article covers compile speed, development speed and execution speed. The “to market 5x faster” reflects the development speed, and the fact you can prototype a mobile app on Windows (with the faster compiler) and then test the same code on mobile helps contribute to that development speed. Not really “fake news” by any stretch.

What about multilanguage support ?
you can reduce users number of any Firemonkey application by a half billion, due the fact Firemonkey can’t render right to left languages.
I miss my MSX PC in 1986 that rendered Arabic perfectly on its Z80 processor.

Perhaps some asterisks needed on the backwards compatibility due to various hoops you have to jump through to support code across Delphi versions! Yes, some code compiles/runs fine but once you start talking Zero Based Strings, ARC memory model, Unicode ‘String’, DFM incompatibilites (Explicit*) …it’s been made pretty difficult to actively maintain code to be compatible across various versions. The price of progress I suppose.

+Darian: Backwards compatibility is really about making it easy to move your code forward, not backward.
+Laxe: There is multi-language support, but only for Left-to-Right languages on FireMonkey currently. Right-To-Left is coming eventually to FireMonkey, although there are 3rd party components that you can use today.

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