Get a Copy of Marco’s Object Pascal Handbook with Delphi Starter

As part of the Delphi Boot Camp and Delphi Starter Promotion, you can also get a copy of Marco Cantu’s updated Object Pascal Handbook, all at no cost. (Limited time offer)

If you want a physical copy of Marco’s book, you can pick one up on his website, or just check out the table of contents . . .

  • Part I
    • Chapter 1: Coding in Pascal
    • Chapter 2: Variables and Data Types
    • Chapter 3: Language Statements
    • Chapter 4: Procedures and Functions
    • Chapter 5: Arrays and Records
    • Chapter 6: All About Strings
  • Part II
    • Chapter 7: Objects
    • Chapter 8: Inheritance
    • Chapter 9: Handling Exceptions
    • Chapter 10: Properties and Events
    • Chapter 11: Interfaces
    • Chapter 12: Manipulating Classes
    • Chapter 13: Objects and Memory
  • Part III
    • Chapter 14: Generics
    • Chapter 15: Anonymous Methods
    • Chapter 16: Reflection and Attributes
    • Chapter 17: The Object Class
    • Chapter 18: RunTime Library

Marco Cantu's Object Pascal Handbook

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