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Mobile Summer School Lesson 5: App Tethering Round-Up

I substituted for David I. yesterday for Developer Direct Mobile Summer School on Lesson 5: Connecting Mobile and Desktop together using App Tethering. The Summer School landing page and David’s blog maintain a list of downloads for all the previous lessons, but here are the resources from my session in the meantime.

I’ll post the replay videos here when they are available too.

You can download my slides and code samples from Code Central. I believe I fixed the issue where some people were not able to download it.

Here are the links to more information on App Tethering:

Here is the Developer Skill Sprint I did previously on App Tethering

And this is Al Mannarino’s C++ Mobile Day session on the topic

And some blog posts on the topic too:

There was some interest in the code sample that bypasses App Tethering’s autodiscovery to connect directly to a specific IP address. I’m working on getting that tested before posting it. Leave a comment if you are interest and I’ll see that you are notified when it is ready.

5 replies on “Mobile Summer School Lesson 5: App Tethering Round-Up”

Connect to a specific IP adress is interesting for me. Please let me know when your code sample is ready.

also trying to connect to specific IP address. Please share 🙂
Gof bless you!

Always must have 2 applications to all this works fine? I mean, we can´t make it works with just two instance of the same application? I have an application for a restaurant that manages lots of tables in the principal screen and I’am wondering if all this Tethering thing could works in the scenario in which I have 2 instance of the same application: one for the waiter and the other one for the cashier. When a tables is occupied on the waiter instance automatically appears on the cashier screen, considering that there are the same application.

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