New MVPs & Directory

Another round of new Embarcadero MVPs

  • Chris Rolliston
  • Marcos Lizarraga
  • Rudy Velthuis
  • Christina Louise Warne
  • Bertie Buitendag
  • CHUA Chee Wee
  • Warren Postma
  • Bruce McGee

You can learn more about them, and our other MVPs in the newly redesigned MVP Directory.

Here are some pics of a few of the MVPs


The Brazilian MVPs from the Embarcadero Conference a couple weeks ago!


A picture by Samuel David to promote his session at the conference.


He wore the leather coat and hat all day too, even when posing with the Android!


This is a picture of Xavier Martínez. That is him on the bottom. He is involved in Castells or “Human Towers”. Pretty amazing if you ask me!


4 replies on “New MVPs & Directory”

There is at least one thing wrong in your new MVP directory. Bruno Fierens is from Belgium and not from Germany.

More gag orders on the technically competent.
Really sorry to see that we’ll be losing unbiased reviews of EMBT products from high-quality developers.

Thanks Stefan, we are still ironing out some of the details. I’ll look into that and get it fixed. There are more updates to come too!

David: There are no gag orders on MVPs. You can ask the MVPs or read the MVP agreement yourself. Embarcadero doesn’t regulate what MVPs can or cannot say beyond the NDA for betas and other inside information. We only ask that MVPs avoid behaviors that “have the effect of harming Embarcadero, our products, or our customers.”

If an MVP has feedback or criticism of our products, then part of my job is to make sure they have the right people to talk to so that things can get fixed. I make MVPs voices louder, not quieter.

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