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SysCheck for XE5 Compatibility

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.10.53 AMWant to know if your Android device is compatible with XE5? Well you can check out the compatibility lists, or download SysCheck by Christopher Moeller.

When you run it the first line tells you if you have an ARMv7, second line is Android OS version, and 3rd line is if you have NEON instruction support. Those are the dependencies of Delphi XE5 on Android. The rest of the lines are extra details for your information.

When you run it your output should look something like the following. If  those three lines check out then your device is ready for Delphi XE5 development.


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First, thank you for your great work I follow your blog.
There is a bigger problem than Android device compatible with XE5! I am trying to develop Arabic programs for the android platform using XE5, but the Arabic text is not displayed correctly on my nexus 7!! It seems that FireMonkey controls lack any property for supporting BiDi since 2011
I attached a project that identifies the Arabic problems on the Android platform
Can you please help in making the XE5 support BiDi
Thank you

I spoke to product management and R&D this morning about BiDi support. I doubt it will show up as an update in XE5, but it is something they are looking at adding I believe.

I believe a lot of people will be very disappointed that they have to wait for XE6 to get there language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian) working on android or IOS devises, I love Delphi but I will be forced to look elsewhere to get my programs running on android or IOS devices :(. Can you please ask the R&D department if there is at least a way to display the characters “Arabic” correctly on the devices?

By the way, I can confirm what Ray is telling. Here I am trying to dev a hebrew app and no Right to Left (no BiDi support indeed) 🙁 Have to make some kind of magic to pretend right to left text, but it´s very pain… More one vote to R&D add this feature.

anyone here know how to set which access your app wants to use?. looks pretty scary for users when “services that can cost money” appears when installing your app.

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