Sneak Peek: Android SDK, NDK and Device Support in Delphi

A juicy sneak peek of the Android support in the SDK Manager and Project manager being developed in the beta. This video shows the updates to the SDK Manager to support the Android SDK & NDK. These can be installed and configured automatically, or you can install them on your own and configure them here. Then it shows how easy it is to add Android as a target. The project manager will automatically detect any Android Emulators or devices with USB debugging enabled and provide them as an option.

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I was told a while ago that you were targeting August-Sepember for release, I’m going to make a guess that that estimate was no where near accurate? Any updated timelines?

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where can i change the value of the %minSdkVersion% in AndroidManifest.xml useing the IDE, i want to set it for android:minSdkVersion=”17? instead of android:minSdkVersion=”9?

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