RAD Studio Mobile Road Map Announced

Embarcadero just published the road map for RAD Studio Mobile. The interesting part is it will be a “low cost add-on” unless you have software assurance and RAD Studio. There is an SA option if you have the “Enterprise+” edition of Delphi for “Win / Mac / iOS”.

If you haven’t gotten Delphi XE3 yet then spring for RAD Studio with SA. Of course that also gives you Prism and its regular updates. And once you have a RAD Studio license then you also qualify for the discounted upgrade to all three flavors of Oxygene (adding Java and “Nougat“), so you can get a jump on your mobile application development for $349.

If you don’t want the full RAD Studio, but still would like to get started with mobile development today, there is a cross grade option for all Delphi users to all three flavors of Oxygene for just $399. Those super discounted rates are temporary, so jump on them right away.

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This is not a plug. I have been developing apps with ObjectPascal for Smart Phones (IOS, Android, etc) for 6 months or better using SMS – – It converts OP into HTML5/JavaScript. They are about to release a new IDE with database support soon. Its a hellava lot cheaper than Embardaderos products. For those of you who dont want to wait, it worth taking a look at

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