RAD Studio Mobile Road Map Announced

Embarcadero just published the road map for RAD Studio Mobile. The interesting part is it will be a “low cost add-on” unless you have software assurance and RAD Studio. There is an SA option if you have the “Enterprise+” edition of Delphi for “Win / Mac / iOS”.

If you haven’t gotten Delphi XE3 yet then spring for RAD Studio with SA. Of course that also gives you Prism and its regular updates. And once you have a RAD Studio license then you also qualify for the discounted upgrade to all three flavors of Oxygene (adding Java and “Nougat“), so you can get a jump on your mobile application development for $349.

If you don’t want the full RAD Studio, but still would like to get started with mobile development today, there is a cross grade option for all Delphi users to all three flavors of Oxygene for just $399. Those super discounted rates are temporary, so jump on them right away.

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  1. Shane says:

    This is not a plug. I have been developing apps with ObjectPascal for Smart Phones (IOS, Android, etc) for 6 months or better using SMS – http://www.smartmobilestudio.com/ – It converts OP into HTML5/JavaScript. They are about to release a new IDE with database support soon. Its a hellava lot cheaper than Embardaderos products. For those of you who dont want to wait, it worth taking a look at

  2. Ebi F Ere says:

    Shane, you most right. Just get Smart Mobile and get the job done right. It is far more exciting than anything out there as far as Object Pascal goes.

  3. Way cool, thx. It’s always nice to see a roadmap for Delphi.

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