Delphi Live! 2010

Delphi Live! debuted in 2009, and it was a hit. So much so they are doing it again. Great line up of speakers.
I have 3 sessions planned for this year:

  • Silverlight in Delphi Prism – Both a half day workshop and a regular session
  • Delphi Bots Live!  – Using Delphi Prism and Unreal Tournament to create bots to battle it out in 3D

I hope to see you all there August 23-26th down in San Jose, CA.

Also, EKON 14 has their speaker list up now too.  They have sessions in both English and German.  I will have 4 English sessions there:

  • Advanced Downloads – Great session on downloads and file transfers
  • Silverlight in Delphi Prism – Again with a half day workshop or regular session
  • Delphi Prism half day workshop

That is September 27th through 30th in Darmstadt, Germany.

I am sure I will see a few of you in both places, but it will be great to see you at whichever one is closer to you.  I will be updating the titles and descriptions soon, and have some good preview information available for you as well.

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Hey Jim,
It’s kinda funny the ad says DelphiLive is in Santa Clara when it’s actually in downtown San Jose.
Or did they change the venue and did not update the web site?

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