Delphi Live! Date Updated

Kind of expected this to happen due to all the conflicts, but I just received an update for the Delphi Live! 2010 dates.

Due to the rather short notice of the date, which gave some other potential speakers a bit of a hard time and because we have received quite a few emails from the community, we have decided to shift the dates to August 23-26. The location will still be San Jose, this time the Crowne Plaza in downtown.

Hopefully this date works for more people.

The Crowne Plaza looks really nice, although I am not sure where the new Embarcadero office is located in relation to it.

It is however right next to the Tech Museum, which we have had conference evening events at in the past.

Still no update on the Delphi Live! website, and I don’t know if there is an extension on the Call for Papers or not.

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The date lies right in the middle of the summer break for most of the folks I know. However, my best friend gets wed the end of that week and all the fun stuff like the Bachelor Party will be conflicting with the conference. So, like Bob, I cannot attend.

The call for papers has been extended to March 24th. The site for submitting abstracts is

I am sorry that some of our friends will not be there due to scheduling conflicts. However, I am pleased to see these new dates, as I was unavailable on the original dates. I am going to try to be there.

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