What do you want to hear?

After the huge popularity of the Delphi UserVoice site, we thought it would be good to add a Podcast Form to it.  So you can tell us who you want to hear, what you want them to say, and how you want it said.  Then we will do our best to tackle the highest voted suggestions first, short of actually putting words in someone’s mouth (but it doesn’t mean we can’t ask real nicely.)

Feel free to suggest guests, topics, format changes, or just about anything else you want related to this podcast.

One reply on “What do you want to hear?”

Might be hard to reveal things still under NDA, but maybe a good opportunity to learn more about the next Delphi ? What’s new in Delphi 2010 ?

Something I would like to hear more about is Aspect Oriented Programming and how it will be possible in Delphi, will it be available in every Delphi or only in Prism.

Another great topic would be on how MonoTouch could be used to write iPhone apps (once it is available).

Just a few of my ideas.



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