Fun Side of Delphi with Marco Cantu at Delphi Live 2009!

I had been meaning to post this video for a while . . . Here is Marco Cantu‘s popular Fun Side of Delphi: Unicode Edition from Delphi Live! 2009.

It is almost a full hour in length, but fairly entertaining. You might actually learn something about Unicode or Delphi too.

It is currently hosted on Viddler and Vimeo.  Hopefully Vimeo does a better job of synchronizing the audio to the video.  It is unfortunately too long for YouTube.  You can download the original MP4 from Vimeo though, which I hope is formatted properly for an iPod Touch and iPhone (someone let me know).

If you had trouble with some of the previous videos I uploaded then you might want to go check them out again as I have replaced some of them with better copies.  If you still are having trouble then leave a comment and I will update it when I can.

There have been some comments asking for specific resources, and I will get to them soon.  Between Delphi Live!, catching up at work, traveling to see family, and Cub Scout camp this week I am still behind, but I will get to all your comments soon!

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