Fun Side of Delphi with Marco Cantu at Delphi Live 2009!

I had been meaning to post this video for a while . . . Here is Marco Cantu‘s popular Fun Side of Delphi: Unicode Edition from Delphi Live! 2009.

It is almost a full hour in length, but fairly entertaining. You might actually learn something about Unicode or Delphi too.

It is currently hosted on Viddler and Vimeo.  Hopefully Vimeo does a better job of synchronizing the audio to the video.  It is unfortunately too long for YouTube.  You can download the original MP4 from Vimeo though, which I hope is formatted properly for an iPod Touch and iPhone (someone let me know).

If you had trouble with some of the previous videos I uploaded then you might want to go check them out again as I have replaced some of them with better copies.  If you still are having trouble then leave a comment and I will update it when I can.

There have been some comments asking for specific resources, and I will get to them soon.  Between Delphi Live!, catching up at work, traveling to see family, and Cub Scout camp this week I am still behind, but I will get to all your comments soon!

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3 Responses to Fun Side of Delphi with Marco Cantu at Delphi Live 2009!

  1. Thanks for putting this up. There seems to be some synchronization issues between the audio and video, but this might be the flash player having trouble.

  2. Roderick says:

    Is there any way to download the video ?

  3. Jim McKeeth says:

    I will re-encode the video and provide a download link. Hopefully that will fix the synchronization issues too.

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