The Stack Overflow Delphi Badge

I consider this pretty exciting news.  As of today Stack Overflow has awarded it’s first Delphi badge for users who earn 400 upvotes on questions tagged Delphi.

Stack Overflow's Delphi badge

I was actually quite surprised to be the first to receive it.  Ever since Stack Overflow started I really wanted to see Delphi listed as one of the top category tags and badges.   As of today it is one of twenty specialist badges and the 46th most common tag (not including the 13 variations like VCL, Delphi2009, Delphi-Prism, etc.) with 1,104 questions.

I am very pleased with the wonderful Delphi community that makes it so fun to be a part of the site. I am frequently surprised with how fast someone answers a Delphi question before I get a chance too.  I am sure others feel the same way.  I look forward to seeing a lot of other community memebers earning their Delphi badge.  It is by far my favorite badge.  Who could ask for something better to be associated with!

I’ve considered adding a Stack Overflow category to my blog.

BTW, for anyone wondering where this week’s podcast with Nick Hodges is, we were planning to record it on Thursday which happens to be the day the vandals cut the fiber leading to silicon valley.  Now Nick is moving from Delphi Product Manager to Delphi R&D Manager.  I am still trying to get him on again for a podcast, I am just not sure when or what that will look like yet.

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15 Responses to The Stack Overflow Delphi Badge

  1. gabr says:

    Congrats, Jim!

    BTW, what are you using to create ‘teared image’ effect?

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    I am using TechSmith’s Snagit Version 7. I am sure there are other tools that do it though. Snagit focuses on taking a screen capture, but happens to have the nice effect to create the teared edge too.

  3. Jamie says:

    Congratulations Jim, 400 Upvotes is a great testament to the contribution that you’ve made to Delphi on Stack Overflow!

  4. Dennis G. says:

    Nice one, congrats! I certainly have noticed how fast Delphi questions get answered and it’s a great resource.

  5. Ken White says:

    Congratulations, Jim! Keep up the good work!

  6. Jim McKeeth says:

    Thanks! So who is next for the Delphi badge?

  7. When people mail me obscure Delphi questions I generally refer them to stackoverflow. I initially thought I was being unhelpful – however many have emailed me back letting me know that their question was solved – which is pretty cool.

    I wonder if everyone should ask their questions on StackOverflow as it will increase Delphi’s profile in the programming community (rather than asking them on an obscure newsgroup).

  8. Jim McKeeth says:

    @Alister I think that is a great idea. Stack Overflow has some great visibility, and there are a number of questions about which language to use for various projects, which means people on Stack Overflow are comparing languages, which is exactly the time we want them to see a strong Delphi showing.

  9. Stuart Kelly says:

    You just need another 600 up votes to get a gold Delphi badge!

  10. Jim McKeeth says:

    @Stuart – that is my next goal. May take a while though.

  11. Well, there are now 2 other people with the badge, Gamecat and Mghie, both of whom are really smart guys that know what they’re talking about. So you’re in good company, Jim.

  12. Jim McKeeth says:

    @Mason I had expected Gamecat to get it first honestly. Glad the both of them have the badge too.

  13. Gad D Lord says:

    Well deserved one Jim. Btw since I saw you are interested in Magic as well (and I am a Delphi developer of one of the most popular Magic products) pls accept my LinkedIn request. Sorry to spam you from here but it seems like your email address is nowhere to be googled.

  14. JLouro says:

    The question as been Deleted, so its only available here.
    How can we regain control of StackOverflow ? the place is overtake by dictators and bad rules.

  15. Jim McKeeth says:

    Which question was deleted?

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