Delphi UserVoice and DelphiLive!

I have been quite surprised at the amount of feedback and suggestions that have been submitted via UserVoice.  The way UserVoice works is everyone gets 10 votes to use until the things they voted on are either completed or deleted. I know Nick Hodges has been following it rather closely (and commenting), but thought it would be a good idea to actually go through the list of top requests with him and discuss which ones we might be expecting to see in the future, and delete any that are completely off topic.  This will free up more votes and also provides a little feedback on the process.  Don’t be expecting any hard dates, features or an official road map though. This is just a two way feedback process.

With the beta of Delphi “Weaver” possibly starting this month, I am sure its feature set is pretty fixed, but we already know there are big changes further down the road.

In addition to talking about UserVoice, as part of our road to DelphiLive! series I will be talking with Nick about his sessions at DelphiLive!, which includes his what’s cooking in the Delphi labs.  I’m sure he won’t give away all the details about what he will be sharing then, but I imagine we can get a little sampling.

So if you haven’t yet, head out to UserVoice and make some suggestions and vote for your favorites.  If you get them in before we record the podcast on Thursday then we might discuss them on the podcast.

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Garbage collection had more than twenty votes when it was deleted. What’s with that?

I think what has happened is that addition UserVoice areas have been setup and some of the topics have been moved into the new groups, so they appear to have been deleted in the original UserVoice area they were created in.

Thanks for the heads up, Jim, I was starting to concoct conspiracy theories

I’m not sure what the target audience is or how seriously they consider their votes.

For example, how can “Delphi Native MultiPlatform” get so many votes?

Sure, what a dream. Compile to Linux, Apple, Blackberry…

But realistically, have any of the people that voted for this ever tried this in other environments? Do people vote without bothering to read the comments first?

By the way, I cannot find the garbage collection entry either. (Your link works, but it’s not in the list.)

@Ken I am not sure why, but the Garbage Collection entry is in a different category. The categories may be more confusing then they are worth. A lot of these are good examples of things that are more complicated then most people realize they would be.

UserVoice is slightly inaccurate: I want to vote for 64 bit, but it won’t let me in. Maybe they’re running an IQ filter and I’m just not smart enough 🙂

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