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24 – Delphi Projects

In this episode I talk with Jamie Ingilby, Steven Kamradt and  marc hoffman.  We introduce the Delphi Projects series which focuses on simple useful projects written in Delphi.  Our first project is a Twitter client written in Delphi Win32.

This episode is the start of a series of podcasts.  I thought it would be more interesting if there was something more to this podcast then just interviewing people and discussing Delphi news.  So what we have done is started a series of Delphi projects that a small group of volunteers will work on and then discuss how the project goes via the podcast.  Our first projects is a Twitter client written in Delphi.

Leave suggestions for names for the client in the comments.  Allen Bauer is already using the Delphitter name.  I am kind of leaning towards something that combines both Delphi and Twitter, but it needs to not contain the whole word “Twitter,” but you can be creative too.  I’ll set up a poll with all the suggestions so everyone can vote.  I have a name in mind already, but I am not attached to it.

If you are excited about this then please spread the word!

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You must have some psychic powers…

Just the other day I was browsing the Twitter Wiki and did not find a Delphi/FreePascal library for it, so I decided I would begin one.

I’ll add more info as I get my head around the Class Model for the Tweets and what I should use for the HTTP so I don’t introduce alot of external dependencies.


@Gustavo Carreno: I’ve already made a start on the library and have all methods implemented as returning the response XML file (just whilst I’m testing) so I would love to see what class model you’ve come up with for the results as I haven’t quite gotten my head around that part yet.

@Jamie: Well, that’s the thing, returning the results in a way that it’s easy and second nature to a devel. I have to admit that I haven’t dropped alot of consideration on it yet. I’ve only had time to get acquainted to the API and try and make a list of the possible types of result groups. Once I get MY head around that I’ll post some info.
And thanks for the interest Jamie, I appreciate it.

Any reason you guys flew over selecting the communication components? Synapse is good, i understand, but for example Indy comes with every Delphi so there is no need to downloaded and will push the fact that you can build a lot of good things out of the box with Delphi.

That seemd like a pre-arranged item among the speakers, which is your product and I understand if it was an arbitrary decision, but seen how you guys discussed every item, it sounded odd.

@Gustavo Carreno: Thanks, Give me a heads up if you post any info!

@Esteban Pacheco: Listening to the replay I can see what might have lead you to that impression. But there was no pre-arrangement on the subject of Synapse. I think the reason we didn’t go with Indy was that we’d all seen problem caused by different versions of Indy between versions of Delphi.
Plus, the RESTlib ( that Jim briefly mentioned already uses Synapse behind the scenes. I would ideally like to see anything that can’t be bundled with the code removed or rewritten though. We only really need the socket in one place (a simple HTTP call) so if the Main Methods of the Indy TIdHTTP component have remained largely stable then it might be worth rewriting so we cut out the dependency, what do you think?

@Jamie: Is this going to be a Windows project only or are you guys thinking about multiplatform.
I ask this cuz, I also, have thought about a much simpler code base for the HTTP requests. This client isn’t going to need all the glamor and whistles that come with the existing bundles, is it?

@Jamie: I think if you start with windows version but using libraries that available for Delphi win32 and Free Pascal, it will be good a show case for developing cross-platform application using Delphi that working on windows and other OSes such as: Linux and MacOS

@Mohammed: I’m thinking in only develop all of this in Lazarus on my side, so I’ll probably take care of all the finer tweaks to make it work on {$IFDEF FPC} and {$IFDEF DELPHI} 🙂

C’mon guys, am I the only one to give a name suggestion?

We are waiting in some more name suggestions so we can put up the community collaboration sites.

Please gives some food for thought ?


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