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In this episode I talk to RemObjects’ marc hoffman (Chief Architect) and Mike Orriss (General Project Manager) about their product offerings.  You can follow them in the RemObjects Blog, or marc and Mike are both on Twitter.  You may recognize marc as a fairly regular guest on the podcast, and Mike is actually the keeper of the RemObjects Wiki’s, so you may know him from there.

I was surprised to learn that most all of their products are for both .NET and Delphi native, with some also being available for the Mac (Objective-C).  So if you are looking for some cross platform solutions then they appear to be the guys to talk to.  In fact, their Hydra is specifically for combining Delphi native and .NET into a single solution.

At the end of the podcast marc wanted to come up with some sort of deal for our listeners.  I think the end result is pretty cool, and gives any listener a chance to win their choice of products.  All you need to do is download one of their trials and check it out.  Then write about your experiences in your blog or on your website and leave a comment here linking to it by the end of February.

Then one entry will be selected at random to receive a free copy of whatever they reviewed.  This is a great opportunity to try out their products and possibly get one for free.  You can choose from Data Abstract, the RemObjects SDK, AnyDAC and Hydra.

Your experiences should be honest.  A positive or negative review will not influence your chances of winning.

On a side note I just love all of RemObjects product icons and art work.  I should have asked them who does their art work.  Check out their product wallpapers.  My favorite is the Delphi Prism one that looks like the Pink Floyd album cover.

Update: RemObjects just published their Software ROadmap 2009 v1.

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