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I wanted to get Nick on another episode to answer some questions about 64-bit Delphi.  I always figure a little straight talk can clear up a lot of confusion.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out again.  Instead though, you can post your questions for Nick’s interview on Friday for the 47 Hats podcast.  Questions you leave here will not be passed on, so be sure you leave them on Facebook.  If you don’t have a Facebook account you can leave your question and a request for me to post it for you and I will see what I can do.

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Last week, there was an interesting discussion on the Nick?s blog.

It was about lowering price for Delphi to make it more accessible to other developers.
I realize it could be beyond Nick?s abilities to answer the question; however being privately hold company could give him more room. As I said in my other post, in third quarter of this year I have to face my boss to get his signature for SA program, and honestly I am not sure if I get the purchase order signed. To make it clear, I like developing in Delphi and I believe that EMB offers a hope to everyone developing and maintaining Delphi applications. The former owner almost destroyed the product and the community.

1. Will the uint64 type be bug-fixed ? In Delphi 2007 it could make the compiler crash thus completely destroying the products main feature: being able to compile/build.

2. Will operator overloading for integers be bug-fixed ? In Delphi 2007 not all combinations working correctly.
This renders the functionality unusuable for anybody wanting to write flawless code.

3. Getting a bug report/pdf about what bugs were fixed per release would be nice.
This saves having to search in quality center and what not and raises confidence in the product… this allows testing of the bug fixes to see if they were really fixed otherwise I would just be wasting my time trying to retest it and then finding out it’s still not fixed which would be kinda depressing.

General Delphi features I would like to see:

4. Pointer arithmetic… (What’s the big deal it’s just an address/number work with it not against it)
Saying it’s to hard for newbies it b.s.

5. Array indexing for typed-pointers (Would allow shorter notation instead of having to typecast) and even untyped pointers… bytes come to mind.
Forcing programmers to use longer nasty typecasting code sux work with the programmers not against them.

Free Pascal already has array indexing for pointers.

6. Will feature Delphi versions compile again for Windows 95, Windows 98 etc ?

With a cross compiler this should be possible ! Otherwise it’s a joke.

Though questions, though answers ! 😉

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