Looking for a Delphi Syntax for TextMate

I exchanged emails with Marc-André Cournoyer of RefactorMyCode.com about supporting Delphi on his site. Since his site uses Ruby’s UltraViolet to do syntax highlighting, and it uses TextMate syntaxes, he needs a Delphi syntax for TextMate. Turns out it has a Pascal syntax already, so it is 90% of the way there.

Does anyone know where I might find one that has already been updated for Delphi? A Delphi Prism / Oxygene one would be great too!

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  1. Hi Jim,

    You might have a look at our Delphi 5 EBNF grammar


    Not that since we tried to keep it LR1, it is not
    totally “standard EBNF”

    HTH – Felix

  2. Nicholas Brooks says:

    I use E Text Editor (www.e-texteditor.com) which is mostly a clone of TextMate for windows (thus uses the TextMate bundles). I just use the Pascal one as I haven’t come across one for Delphi yet.

    The E Text Editor has a built-in bundle editor, so I don’t think it would be all that difficult to modify the Pascal one. I don’t have any time atm to look at it, but I’d be happy to test something out if somebody else wanted to kick something off.

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