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29 – Pawel Glowacki

(This is a special bonus episode!)

Pawel Glowacki is Embarcadero Technologies Senior Software Consultant and Lead Technical Evangelist for Delphi and RAD Studio for the European region. Previously Pawel spent over 6 years working as a senior consultant and trainer for Delphi within Borland Education Services. As well as working with Embarcadero customers across the region, he also represents Embarcadero internationally as a conference and seminar speaker.

This episode is part of our DelphiLive! speaker series.  Meet Pawe? and all the other speakers and the Delphi R&D team in San Jose at DelphiLive!


  • Delphi Wings – Experimental Delphi Primitive to Relational Mapper
    Delphi Wings is an experimental component-based native Delphi Win32 framework that simplifies building database application. With Wings Delphi developers define “entities” using standard simple Delphi types and have their data transparently stored and retrieved from arbitrary relational databases supported by Delphi dbExpress.
  • Delphi DataSnap 2009 Deep Dive
    Delphi DataSnap 2009 Deep Dive provides in-depth coverage of Delphi programming with DataSnap 2009 framework. In this tutorial Pawel is going to cover four different types of DataSnap 2009 clients, DataSnap architecture, server objects life cycle management, the details of DataSnap JSON-based on the wire protocol and DataSnap customization options. The tutorial will also include building DataSnap clients in Delphi Prism communicating with Delphi 2009 native DataSnap servers.