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51 – Nick Hodges

Talking with Nick Hodges, former Delphi product manager, Spirit of Delphi award winner, development manager at Gateway Ticketing, and all around great guy. This was originally going to be part of a series of pre-release podcasts highlighting XE3, but that … Continue reading

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Delphi Tage 2010

Recorded live and in person at Delphi Tage in Berlin (I’m still here for 2 more weeks for EKON too). The Delphi Tage (“Delphi Days”) was a short (3-day) conference organized by the German Delphi PRAXiS community forums, alongside Embacrdero and … Continue reading

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42 – David I

Today we talk with David I, chief Developer Evangelist and VP of Developer Relations from Embarcadero Technologies. We talk about DataRage 2 Delphi Application Showcase (Now with 75 applications!) Embarcadero Developer Network Delphi Roadmap David I’s contact information: Facebook LinkedIn … Continue reading

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41 – Primoz Gabrijelcic – OmniThreadLibrary

Primoz is a long time Delphi developer as well as writer for The Delphi Magazine, Monitor and Blaise Pascal magazines.  You may know him from his blog TheDelphiGeek.com or his OmniThreadLibrary for threading in Delphi.  You can also find his … Continue reading

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Questions for Nick Hodges

I need your questions for an upcoming interview with Nick Hodges, the Delphi & RAD Studio R&D Manager with Embarcadero Technologies. Leave them as a comment to this message and then listen to his answers in our next episode. Comments … Continue reading

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39 – marc hoffman on Prism and Mac

Talking with marc hoffman of RemObjects talks with us about what is new in the Oxygene compiler in Delphi Prism and what to expect when developing applications on the Mac.

I remixed the audio to remove the 5 minute … Continue reading

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38 – Marco & Cary

Visiting with Marco Cantu and Cary Jensen. Marco’s Delphi 2010 Handbook is available.  You can get the print version or the PDF. Delphi Developer Days 2010 is taking enrollment . . . Marco has a REST Whitepaper and series of … Continue reading

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Delphi Live! Date Updated

Kind of expected this to happen due to all the conflicts, but I just received an update for the Delphi Live! 2010 dates. Due to the rather short notice of the date, which gave some other potential speakers a bit … Continue reading

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Marco Cantu’s REST Webinar

I didn’t get the episode with Marco and Cary edited and posted yet (came close – might still get it posted tonight when I get home).  In that episode Marco mentioned his free REST webinar which occurs at three different … Continue reading

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Questions for Marco Cantu and Cary Jensen

Marco Cantu has a new Delphi 2010 book coming out.  Cary Jensen has a new Advantage Database Server 10 book coming out.  Together they have their Delphi Developer Days coming up.  Now is your chance to ask them about any … Continue reading

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