Hidden features in the Delphi Object Pascal language

…D4: array[0..7] of Byte; end; and so, a priori, one would not expect something naïve like const g: TGUID = ‘{E4C26C63-CDD1-4450-9FE0-6F035E33CF90}’; to work, but it does. Compiler magic, it is!…


Arduino & Delphi Cosplay

…dress-up to extreme levels only justifiable by an adult! Not only is it expensive, and needs a large time commitment, but it is rarely comfortable. Comic conventions are the usual…


Where is StringToJString and StrToNSStr in XE6?

…your only option (without installing a new one). It takes a bit for the index to rebuild, but after that you can quickly search all of the XE6 source to…


Delphi and the #Code2014 Rankings

…livecode 280 19 coffeescript 262 20 f# 246 Looking at the top languages, they mostly have a web development theme. I’ve heard before that Twitter seems to have a web…

Source Code

Run Outside the Handler or Making a Non-Blocking Call

…code to run outside the event handler, or just a bit later. One use case example: You are calling a slow routine (Network I/O maybe) and don’t want to freeze…

MVP News

MVP of the Week: Alister Christie

…of object allocation, try, finally, free “nests” it all becomes a bit onerous and, well, resembling a pterodactyl nest. In this session, we look at a technique to flatten out…

Audio podCast podcast

Brian Alexakis and Virtual Reality

In this episode I talk with Brian Alexakis about his role and what exactly it means to be a Knowledge Marketer. We also talk about the similarities between FireMonkey and…

Android devices Internet of Things

Google’s Project Brillo, Weave, and Delphi

…run on. We only currently support ARMv7 and ARMv8 (with NEON being part of the ARM standard going forward, so isn’t hardly worth mentioning). We’ve seen some recent success with…

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Law of the Instrument and Curse of the Programmer

If you aren’t familiar with the Law of the Instrument, otherwise known as Maslow’s hammer/gavel, or the golden hammer it is often expressed as If your only tool is a…

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FireMonkey and the Android Misconception

…Android At one point there was some attempts made to make a list of devices that were supported either completely or partially, but new devices were coming to quick to…