The PodCast at Delphi
The PodCast at Delphi
The PodCast at is the definitive podcast about the Delphi programming language, its tools and the people that make the community so amazing.  Episodes will generally focus on recent news and interviews with community members.  A new episode will be available every Monday.

Your Host: Jim McKeeth, long time Delphi developer, trainer, author, blogger, presenter, breather, and general enthusiast.  Catch his personal blog at and his technical blog at  He has realized his long time dream of working as a Developer Evangelist for Embarcadero Technologies, the company that makes Delphi. He still shares his own opinions in his blog, podcast and conversations.

Delphi: The term “Delphi” refers to the state of the art integrated development environment provided by Embarcadero Technology.  It also often refers to the Object Pascal programming language it uses.  As a strange twist of fate, it is also an archaeological site in Greece where people would consult the Oracle of Apollo for cryptic answers to life’s simple questions.  This Oracle is often confused with a database by a company of the same name that provides simple answers to cryptic questions.  If you didn’t know what Delphi was before reading this chances are you are terribly lost.

Podcast hosting: Turns out Myles Wakeham of is a enthusiastic Delphi developer so has had donated some premium PodCast hosting our way.  They provide a very impressive service there that saved me all the confusion of feeds, streaming and hosting audio files.  Naturally this came after I already fried my brain on injecting iTunes tags into RSS and ATOM feeds.

Images: The header images on this site are actual photographs taken of Delphi, the ancient archaeological site.  They were taken by a Francisco, a coworker, on his vacation to Greece.  Later they were cropped down to really narrow bands so that all the interesting bits aren’t visible.

Music: Most of the music I use is by Kevin MacLeod although I used Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton in episode 1.  It is all used under a Creative Commons license.  Pay attention to music licenses people!  It is important stuff!

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Dear Jim,

I have downloaded the sample example of dropbox you have made for Adroid.

Everything is OK except from when I try to input my email and password at the webbrowser , the keybad appears but does not input the text I put.

Do you know why?

Is there any solution to that?

Kind Regards

Hi, I’m working with bluetooth in Delphi XE5, and using the complete source code that used you and Bjorn Hansen too. Everything is working fine, till I’m using the complete project that I had from him. But when I’m starting a new blank project, and insert the uses, the initialization source code, and everything else, my new app terminates at the CheckBluetooth function. But the original app at the same conditions works fine. What could be the problem in my case?

What is the RSS feed? I was subscribed, but not any more and I cannot podcast player cannot find the feed.

I have a question regarding Tethering functionality: always must have 2 different applications to all this works fine? I mean, we can´t make it works between two instance of the same application? I have an application for a restaurant that manages lots of tables in the principal screen and I’am wondering if all this Tethering thing could works in the scenario in which I have 2 instance of the same application: one for the waiter and the other one for the cashier. When a table is occupied on the waiter instance automatically appears on the cashier screen, considering that they are the same application (same .exe).

Anybody, can you help with obtaining the PDF of the good old “Delphi Informant Magazine” April 2002, Volume 8 Number 4 issue? Thanks beforehand.

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