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MVP Spotlight: Holger Flick

I wanted to spotlight a recent return to the Delphi community as an MVP: Dr. Holger Flick. He’s started blogging again and hasn’t slowed down producing good quality technical content. Like many of us, Holger started programming with Turbo Pascal and … Continue reading

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Get a Copy of Marco’s Object Pascal Handbook with Delphi Starter

As part of the Delphi Boot Camp and Delphi Starter Promotion, you can also get a copy of Marco Cantu’s updated Object Pascal Handbook, all at no cost. (Limited time offer) If you want a physical copy of Marco’s book, … Continue reading

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Blaise Pascal Issue 53 with Atanas Popov Interview

Tried something new where I went over the current issue of Blaise Pascal with Detlef Overbeek. The video is available on YouTube. INTERVIEW WITH ATANAS POPOV Atanas agreed after being asked immediately to be interviewed. That was about two months ago. About … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Lists of Programmers

There are two hard things about computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. That little witticism is true of computer science, and my Top 11 list of Programmers post. If you Google that quote you may see where Martin Fowler … Continue reading

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MVP Spotlight: Eli of

I’m sure you’ve all visited, if you haven’t then I’ll just let you go there now. Eli is joining us for the C++ Boot Camp this week and is presenting on Thursday with coverage of game development with FireMonkey. … Continue reading

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MVP Spotlight: Samuel “Muka” David

Samuel “Muka” David is a Certified Delphi Developer since version 7 and a Certified Delphi Master Instructor. He specializes in software construction and building components. He loves Object Oriented development and is addicted to refactoring and agile techniques. He is always in search of perfect technique, … Continue reading

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Cool App Contender: SUMOTORI DE CHU

The next contender in our cool app contest is SUMOTORI DE CHU. Are you fond of wrestling, sumo or other fighting games? You should surely try SUMOTORI DE CHU app. Inspired by Japanese national sport SUMO; it is a competitive … Continue reading

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