Skill Sprint: Android Voice – Speech Recognition and TTS

Androids can talk and listen!For my Developer Skill Sprint I was originally scheduled to show how to do a Google Glass Voice Trigger. That is pretty cool because it allows you to launch a Google Glass app with your voice, but I decided to expand on that to also show how the Google Glass app can be launched with the results of additional voice input, as well as how to take dictation and do text to speech everywhere else in Android.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do on the components, but they work as is for now. If you want to modify the component code then take a look at my Skill Sprint and blog post on the Android JNI Bridge.


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  2. wuxuli66 says:

    result := FParent.ftts.setLanguage(TJLocale.JavaClass.CHINA); When choosing this language, the input character cannot be read.

  3. Jim McKeeth says:

    It might not be supported. You will need to experiment with it.

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  5. Dear Mr. McKeeth,

    I would like to ask you , does this component can be activated without pushing any button and be always in a standby mode that when it starts to hear a command to recognize it?

    In a way to be always on a mode that always listens to what the user will say? And if that is possible can the app do parallel jobs?

  6. Jim McKeeth says:

    The way the component is currently written doesn’t support running all the time, but the API does. You will need to dive into the API and make some changes to do that.

    Don’t think you can do parallel jobs though.

  7. Adrian Gall says:

    hello Jim. Where can I get “AndroidWearViews” as your speech example will not work without it.

  8. Jim McKeeth says:

    Adrian you can remove that reference if you are not deploying to an Android Wear device.

  9. Adrian Gall says:

    Correction, the library is named AndroidWearComponent

  10. Jim McKeeth says:

    You don’t need it, but if you want it, you can find it here:
    I’ll update the project to not reference it.

  11. Adrian Gall says:

    I did Jim, and I still get errors ( that ) I am currently looking into. Thanks for your help

  12. Choukri says:

    How i can change the default language to french ? i tried ‘fr-FRA’ and ‘fr-rFR’ in the device i get message ‘ it’s impossible to make communication with Google in this moment’.
    Thanks for your help.

  13. Abdennour Adouani says:

    how to use speech recognition on windows Application

  14. Arie says:

    Hi there Jim
    Thank you for your components installed perfectly
    just one question in the speech Recognition Demo the phone can talk the text but when you go to listen button the microphone pops up and you can say a few words now my question is what happens after you say a few words in my case nothing happens after that
    seeing i’m nearly 70 I may have missed something
    your help would be appreciated many thanks in advance

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