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FireDAC is the Recommended Database Access Library

I got a great call the other morning. A Delphi developer from a few versions back was considering upgrading to XE5, but he wanted to know if FireDAC was recommended for database access, or if he would need a 3rd party library.

I remember working on some data driven Delphi applications when the drill was you always bought a 3rd party database access library. There are lots of great database access libraries to choose from, which is one of the great things about Delphi: all the technology partners!

In XE5 the BDE is officially deprecated (and has been for a while), but it still ships (maybe not for much longer though). dbExpress is still there, and so is dbGo and IBX, and they are all good, specialized database access libraries. But with the full integration of FireDAC in XE5, it is the recommended database access library, and for good reason.

FireDAC is a universal data access library: you use the same components to connect to a huge variety of databases. The usage pattern is similar to the BDE, and it is fully bidirectional. It also has a large collection of specialized features for dealing with specific databases, and local, in memory data.

If you are still on the BDE, check out the FireDAC migration guide or any of the other great FireDAC documentation. Cary Jensen just did a fabulous webinar on FireDAC including a fabulous 70 page whitepaper.

Of course you are still welcome to continue using 3rd party libraries, and some of them may offer some other specialized features. That is one of the great things about Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio: It comes with great features in the box, but you can expand on those with 3rd party libraries.

If you still aren’t on XE5, you still have a little time to take advantage of the special offers.

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Delphi XE5 Mobile App Development Workshop

Glenn Stephens with Orchard eBusiness has a Delphi XE5 Mobile App Development Workshop coming up next month. It is divided up into 4 different 4 hour workshops, each on a different day. This gives you a chance to work on what you learned in preparation for the next workshop. The objective is to take a developer who is experienced with Delphi and prepare them for Mobile App Development.

Glenn does good work, so I am sure this is a great opportunity to anyone who wants to make the move to mobile app development.

If you haven’t yet, take advantage of the end of year special offers before time runs out so you will have XE5 and be ready for Glenn’s workshop. I’m looking forward to seeing all your apps in the app stores!

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A Tale of Two Grids

If you buy RAD Studio XE5, Delphi XE5 or C++Builder XE5 between now and the end of the year, then you get both the InfoPower XE5 VCL Grid and components, as well as the InfoPower XE4 FireMonkey grid! The InfoPower grid by Woll2Woll is one of the best grids for VCL application development, and has been for years. It is great to see the InfoPower grid now on FireMonkey. With these two grids your apps can have the best grid ever, on any platform we support: Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

I made a little video showing some of the features. Also you can download the InfoPower grid demo for Android from the Google Play store. Install it on your Android device today and check out the potential.

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My Favorite Quote from the XE5 Tour

I am just finishing up my last few stops on the RAD Studio XE5 tour. I’ve met lots of great developers, both existing Delphi developers, and many developers new to Delphi and Embarcadero’s tools. Everyone I talked to was excited about what they saw and the opportunities they knew XE5 would mean for them.

There was one guy in Vancouver who probably had the best comment. He was sitting the front row and as the presentation was going on I could see him getting kind of skeptical as he set there with his arms folded. The demos were flying left and right and everything was going great, so I wasn’t sure what he was skeptical about. Finally he raised his hand to ask a question.

“I’ve been using Google’s tool for Android development for a some time now, and I’m sitting here watching you make these demos, but I don’t see you writing much code. Are you hiding something from us or is it really this easy?”

I was a little surprised by his question. I showed him I wasn’t hiding anything and then explained that FireMonkey includes a lot of components that simplify common tasks. You still write code, but a lot of the busy work is taken care of for you. He responded that it was pretty incredible. The long time Delphi developers in the room who all smiled an nodded their head knowingly.

Sometimes, for those of us who have been using Delphi for years, we start taking some of the productivity benefits for granted, but for a lot of developers XE5 is introducing them to a whole new world of getting things done. This is a great time to upgrade to XE5 if you are new to Delphi, or have just been a away for a while . . .

  • Upgrade to XE5 from any earlier version (Upgrade price from any previous version)
  • Bonus pack with up to $1,150 in free software
  • Step Up to Ultimate Edition Free from Enterprise
  • Get a free C++Builder iOS upgrade when you buy qualifying C++Builder XE5 or RAD Studio XE5 tools

These deals expire the end of this month, December 31st. So treat yourself to a Christmas present and fill your new year with high productivity and true native apps on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.