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Wireless Android Debugging with Delphi xE5

Previously I blogged about how to connect to an emulator on a remote (or the host) machine. That also works for hardware connected to remote machines. But sometimes you want to work with hardware that isn’t even connected at all. … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from Delphi CodeRage 8

Mostly from CodeRage 8, but some is from my time working for Embarcadero. I believe I’ve presented at every CodeRage, but this is my first time on the other side. It is also the biggest CodeRage by a significant margin. … Continue reading

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Sending a URL to Another App on Android and iOS with Delphi XE5

Here is the source code for my Open and View URL library from my CodeRage 8 session “Beyond the App”. Here is a download of the example app. I’ll see about posting it to a SVN repository too so it … Continue reading

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Reading Barcodes with XE5 – Preliminary post

Fernando Rizotto has an example of using XE4 on iOS to read a barcode. He is using an iOS specific library. Another library that is available on both iOS and Android is OpenCV. It is a full open source computer … Continue reading

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Fun with external Java libraries on XE5 by Paul Foster

Paul Foster shared his experiences working with External Java libraries on Android with XE5 on Google+. Here is a PDF he put together for you to download.

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CodeRage 8 Is Coming!

CodeRage 8 is right around the corner! This October 15th through the 17th join us for 3 full days of virtual conference sessions filled with mobile development topics using Delphi and RAD Studio XE5.  

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6 Stages of Debugging

My friend came up with the 6 Stages of Debugging:  That can’t happen That doesn’t happen on my machine. That shouldn’t happen. Why does that happen? Oh, I see. How did that ever work? Update: Looks like this is an … Continue reading

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Delphi XE5 Android “Uses Permissions”

The permissions required by a Delphi XE5 Android application are defined through the Uses Permissions dialog. It is found under Project -> Options… [Shift+Ctrl+F11].   If you select other Targets besides Android then the list is blank, for now. By … Continue reading

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