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Delphi XE5 Mobile REST Client Demo

Short demo of the new TRESTClient on a mobile Android application with Delphi XE5. It consumes a JSON REST service and uses the TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter to adapt it into a TClientDataSet. The TRESTClient components are new in Delphi XE5 and work … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek of Delphi XE5: Android DataSnap

Quick demo of a DataSnap client on Android with a preview of Delphi XE5. Shows how easy it is to visually bind your data with design time preview, and how easy it is to move your mobile database client app … Continue reading

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How Delphi and C# Are More Alike Than You May Know

With the upcoming release of Delphi support for Android there is a lot of interest from developers who are not currently using Delphi, most notably C# developers. Delphi provides a great solution for sharing as much of your source code, … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Delphi FirePhoto app on Android

Demo of using the FirePhoto app to take a picture with both the front and back facing cameras on the new Google Nexus 7. Also applying a built in GPU effect to the picture. Learn more about Delphi for Android

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Sneak Peek: Android SDK, NDK and Device Support in Delphi

A juicy sneak peek of the Android support in the SDK Manager and Project manager being developed in the beta. This video shows the updates to the SDK Manager to support the Android SDK & NDK. These can be installed … Continue reading

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Data Visualization with Ray Konopka

I am really looking forward to Ray Konopka‘s webinar on data visualization with Delphi and RAD Studio. Hopefully you will get a chance to join in too! Join Embarcadero and Delphi expert Ray Konopka to learn about data visualization in … Continue reading

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Sum(Programming Languages) > 0

A Zero-sum game is a situation where for one contestant to win or gain, the other contestants must lose or have a loss. Thus for contestant A to have a +5 then contestant B must have a -5, resulting in … Continue reading

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