RAD Studio Mobile Road Map Announced

Embarcadero just published the road map for RAD Studio Mobile. The interesting part is it will be a “low cost add-on” unless you have software assurance and RAD Studio. There is an SA option if you have the “Enterprise+” edition of Delphi for “Win / Mac / iOS”.

If you haven’t gotten Delphi XE3 yet then spring for RAD Studio with SA. Of course that also gives you Prism and its regular updates. And once you have a RAD Studio license then you also qualify for the discounted upgrade to all three flavors of Oxygene (adding Java and “Nougat“), so you can get a jump on your mobile application development for $349.

If you don’t want the full RAD Studio, but still would like to get started with mobile development today, there is a cross grade option for all Delphi users to all three flavors of Oxygene for just $399. Those super discounted rates are temporary, so jump on them right away.

Audio podCast

51 – Nick Hodges

Talking with Nick Hodges, former Delphi product manager, Spirit of Delphi award winner, development manager at Gateway Ticketing, and all around great guy. This was originally going to be part of a series of pre-release podcasts highlighting XE3, but that didn’t work out. Before talking with Nick I did a little coverage on XE3 and Oxygene 5.2, including the new Nougat flavor. I’ll have more coverage on XE3 and Oxygene 5.2 in future podcasts.

Nick and I discuss unit testing, development methodology, the Spring Framework and other interesting topics on Delphi development.

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