46 – “Cooper” – Pascal for Java

A special interview with Carlo Kok about the new project “Cooper” – an Object Pascal compiler for Java and Android. “Cooper” is a new and exciting research project going on in the RemObjects Software Labs, to bring the Oxygene language from Delphi Prism to the Java and Android platforms. The original Oxygene for .NET set out to bring a modern and “next generation” Object Pascal to the .NET world, Project “Cooper” is taking this endeavor to the next level, expanding the reach of Oxygene to the second big managed platform.

  1. This new compiler is rather exciting, but I’m curious as to how well this new dev tool will support Android. Is there lots of testing planned or on-going?

  2. Jason, from what I understand Android is one of the main targets for this, so I suspect it will be tested as much as Java in general. Let me know if you want to be on the beta. Then you can test on Android and let us know how it is working.

  3. As an existing Android developer and a Pascal lover (I actually use Lazarus more than Delphi now days) I’d be VERY interested in testing this project. I have a few different projects I’m working on currently where I’m writing everything twice, once in Lazarus for Windows, Linux, and Mac and yet again in Java for Android.

  4. PS: Is there any plan on Bootstrapping the Cooper Compiler so your not tied to Mono/.NET? That seems like a logical move, but also makes the assumption that Cooper is being developed in Oxygen and not in C# or some other .NET language.

  5. Jeremy: It is being written in Oxygene, and Carlo said he might bootstrap it in Cooper when he is done. It is being written in such a way that it could be. There are no .NET Framework dependencies. I’ve added you to the beta tester list too.

  6. No more download link?

  7. Now this is super kool!! I’ve ALWAYS been a big Pascal fan since buying “Introduction To Turbo Pascal” by Douglas S. Stivison a looooong time ago. :-)
    If the management behind “Cooper” can actually deliver the goods, they just might make a LOT of noise in the Java and Android world. More coders need to be exposed to the benefits of the FreePascal/Lazarus/ObjectPascal ecosystem. Coding freedom is right there for the taking. They just need to search in the right places. :-)

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