Delphi Bots Live!

Tonight at Delphi Live! is my Delphi Bots Live session.  In this session I will show everyone how to use Delphi Prism to create a virtual bot to do battle in the 3D Unreal Tournament 3 game.  So bring your laptop this evening and join in the fun.

You will need:

You do not need Unreal Tournament 3 to play along, since I will be hosting it.


CodeRage 5 Call For Papers

The call for papers for the 5th CodeRage virtual conference is out.  Deadline for papers is August 17th, and the conference is scheduled for October 4th – 8th.  It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking CodeRage is pretty close to the release of the new version of Delphi, not that anyone will be surprised by that time frame.

My question is, do most people who attend CodeRage also attend EKON or Delphi Live!, or is it a different crowd?  I ask if people will be offended if some of my sessions are recycled. . . .  Although I am sure I will have something new too.  It is all just too exciting to not put something new together.