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42 – David I

Today we talk with David I, chief Developer Evangelist and VP of Developer Relations from Embarcadero Technologies.

We talk about

DataRage 2 starts TOMORROW!

I planned to have David I’s interview posted over the weekend, but it might not be available until tomorrow.  However I wanted to get a post in to let you know that tomorrow is the start of DataRage 2.  If you are working with Databases then check it out.  I am not presenting this year, but I am sure there is other good sessions.

41 – Primoz Gabrijelcic – OmniThreadLibrary

Primoz is a long time Delphi developer as well as writer for The Delphi Magazine, Monitor and Blaise Pascal magazines.  You may know him from his blog or his OmniThreadLibrary for threading in Delphi.  You can also find his articles at 17th Elephant and he is on Stack Overflow.

  • We discuss Delphi Mac support
  • Delphi Garbage Collection
  • 64-Bit Delphi
  • The OmniThreadLibrary
  • and more!

40 – Nick Hodges – Part 1

This is part 1 of my interview with Nick Hodges, the Delphi R&D Manager with Embarcadero.  He was a good sport and answered all the questions, but I accidentally stopped recording part way through.  He has already agreed to a second half.

In this episode we talk about :

And more.

Questions for Nick Hodges

I need your questions for an upcoming interview with Nick Hodges, the Delphi & RAD Studio R&D Manager with Embarcadero Technologies. Leave them as a comment to this message and then listen to his answers in our next episode.

Comments closed in preparation for interview.  Thanks to all who commented!