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32 – Upgrading WordPress

And now for something completely different.  Today we have a video podcast of upgrading WordPress.  This is an experiment in formatting video podcasts to play on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can watch the video online, or download it to watch later.  I included the MP3 as well, but this is much better as a video podcast.

Let me know if you like these portable formatted video podcasts.


DelphiLive! Presentation Downloads

DelphiLive! SpeakerI’ve been meaning to post this for a while.  Kind of surprised I haven’t seen anyone else post it.  I don’t recall for sure where I got the link from, but this is the official download for all the presentation materials from DelphiLive! 2009 in San Jose.

I was surprised how many people from across the pond (beyond the US) were in San Jose.  I wonder if I will see the same sort of ratio of Americans at DelphiLive! Germany.

Audio podCast podcast

31 – MonoTouchDevelopPrism

marc hoffman of RemObjects discusses some of the news about MonoTouch for the iPhone, MonoDevelop for the Mac, and Silverlight 3 development, and all with Delphi Prisim.

You can follow the progress of Delphi Prism and the MonoDevelop rewrite in marc’s blog and join them in the newsgroup.

I discovered that EKON 13 is also known as Delphi Live Germany.

Follow along with CodeRage IV.


Google Chrome OS

I read something a while ago where someone was speculating that Google might be planning to move their Android OS to Netbooks.  Well it looks like they had a different plan for Netbooks: Google Chrome OS.  Take their fairly robust browser and bolt Linux onto it, and you have an OS specifically designed to run web applications . . . . like Google Docs, GMail, etc.  And it can run on your Desktop too!

And thanks to Mono and Moonlight you can run Silverlight applications under it as well.


What do you want to hear?

After the huge popularity of the Delphi UserVoice site, we thought it would be good to add a Podcast Form to it.  So you can tell us who you want to hear, what you want them to say, and how you want it said.  Then we will do our best to tackle the highest voted suggestions first, short of actually putting words in someone’s mouth (but it doesn’t mean we can’t ask real nicely.)

Feel free to suggest guests, topics, format changes, or just about anything else you want related to this podcast.