Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 2

Swapped out the video host for one less skinny.

Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 2 from Jim McKeeth on Vimeo.

Nick Hodges, Delphi R & D Manager
Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist

Embarcadero Technologies

DelphiLive! 2009
May 2009 in San Jose

This is part 2 where we start to see some of the IDE enhancements including:

  • Quick Access
  • Code Formatter

[Part 1] [Part 3]

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5 Responses to Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 2

  1. Lex Li says:

    But the wrong aspect ratio makes people thiner 🙂

    Cool features!

  2. Xepol says:

    Looks interesting.

    If you were to tie the new TfastAction system with a scripting system like RemObjects has available and a key binding system (one with a UI, not the poor excuse of a system we have now that is a pain to code for) and you would have that Macro system many of us have asked for over the years.

    It might take some tweaking, like the ability to stuff keystrokes into the editor or set options directly instead of just lauching dialogs, but the core is definitely there.

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  4. Joe White says:

    That fast-action thing is pretty cool. But what it really needs is to show shortcut keys next to each item that shows up in the list, so that if you use, say, Run Without Debugging all the time, you can learn to do Ctrl+Shift+F9… and then top it off with a way to assign new shortcut keys to things from right there in the fast-action menu. That would kick some *serious ass.*

    Of course, first Delphi would need configurable keyboard shortcuts, something we’ve all been begging for since Delphi 1…

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