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24 – Delphi Projects

In this episode I talk with Jamie Ingilby, Steven Kamradt and  marc hoffman.  We introduce the Delphi Projects series which focuses on simple useful projects written in Delphi.  Our first project is a Twitter client written in Delphi Win32.

This episode is the start of a series of podcasts.  I thought it would be more interesting if there was something more to this podcast then just interviewing people and discussing Delphi news.  So what we have done is started a series of Delphi projects that a small group of volunteers will work on and then discuss how the project goes via the podcast.  Our first projects is a Twitter client written in Delphi.

Leave suggestions for names for the client in the comments.  Allen Bauer is already using the Delphitter name.  I am kind of leaning towards something that combines both Delphi and Twitter, but it needs to not contain the whole word “Twitter,” but you can be creative too.  I’ll set up a poll with all the suggestions so everyone can vote.  I have a name in mind already, but I am not attached to it.

If you are excited about this then please spread the word!


Delphi “Weaver” Beta coming

I am sure everyone is excited about the openness with the Delphi road map (and Prism roadmap), and now they have announced their upcoming beta program for Delphi “Weaver”.

What do we know about Weaver?  Well, we are expecting it will be released mid2009, and have are guessing the version as 2010.  It won’t have the full 64-bit compiler, but it will have a preview I am expecting a command-line only compiler, so no debugger.

It may have the new front end compiler architecture, which sounds like it might get us closer to Delphi Prism syntax compatibility.

So what do you want to see in the new Delphi?  New features?  Bug fixes?  Minor tweaks?  You can make your suggestions on the Delphi User Voice page.  Then we can all vote on them.